Thursday, June 2, 2016

Ontario Laws First Aid/ CPR

Ontario Laws First aid and CPR.

Sabrina Shannon DIED School staff did not react properly during an allergic reaction along with the fact Shannon had her Epipen in her locker at the time of her reaction lead to her death. Sabrina's Law was formed. School staff are now required to have allergy training.

Ryan Gibbons DIED He died of an asthmatic reaction, the school principal kept taking, and locking up his inhaler. School staff did not react properly during his asthma attack. Ryan's Law was formed. Students now have a right to carry asthma medications, and staff are required to have training in asthma care, as well schools required to have written asthma plans.

Rowan Stringer DIED After school staff did not recognize signs of concussion, or know how to treat concussions on site. Rowan's Law was formed, every school board is now required to have a concussion protocol. Ministry of Education is to provide funding to the school boards for First Aid/ CPR training at each school.

In Halton (HDSB) the Ministry of Education Pays For:
3 full time employees for each elementary school
2 full time employees of secondary school
3 full time employees of each administrative facility

Waterloo District School Board Administrative Procedure 3150 FIRST AID

WSIB required every workplace in Ontario (schools are a workplace) to have employees with CPR/ Firstaid training. WSIB Requirements

CDA's Position on Students Living with Diabetes at School Canadian Diabetes Association

Allergy training in Canada has been a part of CPR/ First aid training, for over a decade with providers like Red Cross and St. John's Ambulance consulting groups like Anaphylaxis Canada and data on reactions/ responses.

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I believe it should be the responsibility of parents/ guardians to provide medications that are not expired. The responsibility of students (when age/ abilities appropriate) to carry meds. The responsibility of schools to train staff enough staff. The responsibility of educators to be trained in first aid. The educators should have enough training in the needs of the students they educate.

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