Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Nut Free School Snacks

For around the last ten years, Canadian grocery stores and big box stores often had back to school nut free snack items clustered together, in the seasonal section. These displays went up typically in late August, in time for back to school shopping. In the past all the snack items under back to school sale were "nut free". I am seeing a trend this year to see under a sign reading things like "school snacks" things like granola bars that contain nuts, normally I would also only see these same nut granola ars in the general granola bar section only. In the past I used to see more displays reading "Nut Free School Snacks", with nut free school sized snacks in the displays at the grocery stores.

Again around ten years ago we saw a large number of NEW snack sized nut free products that typically released to grocery stores in late August, this has slowed down considerably. I suspect the need for nut free snacks has been meet, so the need is less, for new nut free products.

On the positive side, I see more products that clearly list they are nut and gluten free or nut and dairy free and many other combinations for people with multiple food allergies.

Long List of Nut Free Products and Manufacturers

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