Thursday, July 27, 2017

International Emergency Numbers Not Always 911


In Canada and United States (and many other places) 911 gives one number access to emergency services Police/ Fire/ Ambulance then depending on the emergency the dispatcher may send more than on emergency service. However, when travelling internationally some countries have a different number for emergency services, others have separate numbers for Fire/ Police and Ambulance. Even locally some municipalities have Epinephrine on ambulances other on fire trucks, some both. Where I live even the bikemedics, who patrol local events, have epinephrine, bikemedics in different areas may not.

Emergency Numbers:
List Emergency Numbers

Touch A Truck Events:
Touch a Truck events in many cities offer kids the chance to touch vehicles, and talk to the operators. For many young children climbing on a fire truck, ambulance, garbage truck can be fun. Children with life threatening medical issues a chance to climb in an ambulance, speak to a paramedic can be reassuring, when not having an emergency situation such as an allergic reaction. I have witnessed a paramedic walk a young child through the steps of what would happen if they have an episode. Touch A Truck Events

The Bike Medic Program:
The Bike Medic program enables paramedics to respond to emergencies in small, contained areas that might not be accessible by an ambulance vehicle. Bike Medics carry equipment that allows them to treat the same life threatening emergencies as a regular paramedic crew.

Young children can and should practice phoning 911 with a unplugged or dead phone, even a toy phone can be used for practice.

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