Thursday, July 31, 2008

Valentino's Organic Pizza


Valentino’s Organic Pizza

We enjoyed our organic dairy free pizza, who would think a dairy allergic person could enjoy dairy free pizza from a pizzeria.

Valentino’s is located in Kitchener Ontario, tucked away in a small plaza.

They answered my questions about cross contamination over the phone. When we got their they brought me their packaging to prove they really where dairy free with out hesitation.

Their soy cheese is 100% dairy free but not their rice cheese. They also have gluten free pizzas.

They offer mostly take out and delivery, very little sit in space. The novelty of eating a dairy free pizza, made this a very enjoyable. More allergy friendly places to eat Read about our second visit here.


Anonymous said...

The people at Valentino's provide terrible service. The owner is extremely inexperienced and often takes way too long to prepare any pizza ordered. He is a very cheap man. I spent a week employed there, and quit after the week, being distatisfied with the personal questions his wife was asking me (things about my family's past, and other personal questions that don't need to be discussed between empoyees and employers). He refuses to renumerate me for the time that he employed me (under the table of course so that I can't even go to the labor board and seek compensation). Boycott their pizza. It is not worth the price. If just one person doesn't eat at this place because of the terrible management skills of the owner and his "cheapness" (As a business he owes me slightly over $100 -- What's $100 to a business where 1 pizza can cost up to $50?) then the fact that he has not paid me will be semi avenged. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbours... And then go to a proper pizzeria, and eat a decent pizza.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy their pizza very much. I think it's the best dairy free pizza around. Their service is great and the prices are reasonable for what you get.