Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Season's Greetings

I recieved the following Cleaver Season's Greetings from Mind Flight.

Twas the holiday season, and all through the kitchen,
Family and friends were over, to help cook and pitch-in.
The cooking is done with care in our home,
As we all know how easily allergens can "roam".

Everyone understands our concerns around cross-contamination,
And regarding ingredients we provide a thorough examination.
The holidays are such a wonderful time of the year,
But for some with food allergies, they can create a slight fear.

Does it contain, may-contain, or is it made in a shared facility?
Sometimes it can be a challenge, and test our ability.
Are there nuts, eggs, milk or soy?
With careful preparation we can all enjoy.

Over the years we have come to learn,
That accidental exposure will always be a concern.
To ensure that we have complete peace of mind,
Our epinephrine is never left behind.

For those who wash their hands, and carefully read labels,
We know there can be surprises, even with bagels.
We are so grateful for your understanding and vigilance,
It means more than any presents.

Our children's safety relies on your support,
With your assistance we have no incidence to report!
We appreciate all your help with avoidance and education.
Thank you so much, we wish you a wonderful holiday celebration.

Dina Clifford

From all of us at Beyond A Peanut
we wish you a safe holiday!

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