Sunday, February 8, 2009

Presidents Choice

Presidents Choice released some new products the last couple weeks including Wheat Bran Bites with a nut free logo. Even more with nut free facility printed after ingredients.

Presidents Choice regarding allergens; they can look it up on their computer and tell you a) if the allergen is in the facility and b) if the allergen is on the same production line c) allergen is in product. You must provide the phone rep with the bar code from the product.

Presidents Choice does not have a clear allergen policy. They have hidden milk in artificial flavourings, just because they don't say may contain does not mean it is in a nut milk or gluten free facility. Having said that all products with a nut free logo are just that, nut free facility. They do not use milk gluten soy free logos (but few companies do).

If anyone can find their clear allergy policy on line please post or E-mail the link to their policy.

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