Saturday, January 2, 2010

De Monte

Del Monte Fruit Twists have a made in peanut and nut free symbol on them. I contacted them to see if they contained any milk this was their answer:

Thank you for visiting (Note this is the Canadian site)

We currently have no Aylmer, Del Monte or Ideal products that contain dairy. There is one co-packed product at Dresden that does contain dairy, but they have strict guidelines for storage, handling and cleaning procedures when this product is packed.

1) Del-Monte canned fruits (packed in water or juice concentrate) – do not contain dairy, eggs, wheat

2) Del-Monte canned vegetables – do not contain dairy, eggs, wheat

3) Aylmer canned tomatoes – do not contain dairy, eggs, wheat

Dairy would be stated on the list of ingredients if it is added to the product.

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CanGro Customer Care

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