Saturday, January 23, 2010

Enjoy Life Foods

Enjoy Life Foods make some really good allergen free foods being free from dairy, egg, nuts, and gluten.

We have wanted to try their chocolate bars for some time. The chocolate bars are not available in Canada. Enjoy Life has told me that getting their chocolates into Canada "is on their short list" and that they hope to have them in Canadian stores in the spring of 2010.

I was extremely fortunate to have some sent to me by Enjoy Life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Enjoy Life Foods.

My daughter happy to recieve them. Over the last few days we tried all three flavours; Crispy Rice Bar, Dark Chocolate Bar and Rice milk Bar.. her favourite was the Crispy Rice Bar. having chocolate bars free of common allergens is something that is wanted and needed even in Canada.

You can follow Enjoy Life Foods on facebook, Twitter and their new blog.

Enjoy Life Foods Facebook

Enjoy Life CEO Scott Mandell on Twitter

Enjoy Life Blog

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