Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is here

It is the first full day of spring, the rhubarb is coming out in our garden. Our cherry tree has started budding it's leaves.
As our March Break comes to an end, my allergic child went of on a sleepover at a friends house.

I packed dairy free popcorn, chips and other snack items. For breakfast we packed Nature Path Hot Oatmeal Cereal she then can just add hot water or microwave it at her friends house.

We also bring these on hotel trips as we can order hot water at most hotels, or use the hot water that is out for people who want tea.

Our allergic child is not as sensitive to milk protein, that she can not be around the smell of dairy, but we do worry about cross contamination of milk. For some being around the smell of cooking milk can cause problems.

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