Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Everyday Cool With Food Allergies

News from the No Biggie Bunch

The No Biggie Bunch® has just released it's latest title: Everyday Cool with Food Allergies. In their kid-friendly way, Davis, Natalie, Scotty, Greta, Paige and Eliot show you their skills in daily foodallergy management. Hand washing, label reading, and emergency medicine are just a few of the topics.

Dr. Michael Pistiner partnered with The No Biggie Bunch creators,Heather Mehra and Kerry McManama, to create a book in line with the NoBiggie messages of:

Preparedness ? Safety ? Fun ? Optimism ? and a Great Attitude.

Everyday Cool encourages open dialog and creative problem solving surrounding everyday care of kids with food allergies. It?s written for both kids and their caregivers providing basic tips that engage,educate and empower.

The No Biggie Bunch books can be purchase on-line at nobiggiebunch.com. Also, it's not too late for our Canadian fans, Anaphylaxis Canada is still running its promotion for The book No Biggie Bunch Trade-or-TreatHalloween through the 31st!

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