Friday, March 27, 2020

Allergens Used to Treat and Prevent Coronavirus Disease

With the increase in Coronavirus Disease cases, comes an increase in use of hand sanitizers, as well as demand for them. For sometime a few manufactures have been producing hand sanitizes using almond oil. Now with a sudden increase in demand for hand sanitizers, distilleries are now switching some or all of their production to hand sanitizers. Many of these liquor manufactures are adding glycerin, aloe vera oil, coconut oil or even almond oil to their sanitizes in a race to combat Coronavirus Disease. These products are being fast tracked for production, some are being distributed to medical clinics, hospitals and first responders.

Hand Sanitizers That Contain Nut Oils

Even for the typical cold and flu products can contain nuts such as Nasel Poducts That Contain Nut Oils and Throat Spray That Contain Nuts.

More Products That Contain Allergens That May Be in Demand During This Crisis
Inhales With Milk in Them
Respirator Kits That Contain Banana Oil
Corn in Medical Supplies

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