Tuesday, August 26, 2008

African Lion Safari

We spent the day at African Lion Safari we had a great time! The biggest hit with the kids, was the petting zoo, train ride and the boat ride around the islands with the monkeys. I enjoyed the bus tour of the African Safari.

With only a hand full of theme parks that have allergy friendly menus or guides on line, and African Lion Safari is NOT one of them. We brought our own food, and bought additional drinks while there.

It is interesting how some theme parks will bend over backwards for food allergies and some will threaten to take away your “out side food”. I have only once been questioned about “out side food”, not at African Lion Safari where picnic tables are every where, and many people bring their food..

Another time when questioned about out side food, I had more questions about why they did not have an allergy policy and requested their cross contamination policy in writing. I got a strange look then spoke very slowly. Allergies are a disability, are you kicking someone out because they have a disability? I was left to eat our “out side food”

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