Monday, October 13, 2008

Giving Thanks

It is Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, as we give thanks for the harvest, I would like to give some allergy related thanks as well.

I would like to give thanks to friends and others who have made having a child with milk allergy a little easier.

Thanks to the friend who switched her milk soap, to a non milk soap in her washroom. This is also the friend who keeps a sealed container of nut free deserts in their fridge for when another nut allergic friend comes over.

Thanks to the camp who switched the day they where doing a food related craft, to day my child was not going.

Thanks to the friend who came over the day before her party, with labels for me to read.

Thanks to the parents of birthday parties who give my child non food loot bags, or seek out allergy friendly candy.

Thanks to the cooperative manufactures with clear labeling and cross contamination policies.

Allergy information turkeys, Happy Thanksgiving.

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