Monday, December 15, 2008

Another Article Sabrina's Law

Allergy Moms reprinted an article Sabrina's Law: Fighting For Children With Food Allergies. I was so glad to see an article talk about the fact that Sabrina Shannon was not carrying her epi pen when she died from an anaphylactic attack, from cross contaminated fries, with milk.

It does mention that she was teased about her epipen but does not mention that the corners report lists equal blame with the miss information with cross contamination and with the delay in receiving her epi pen.

I would like to applaud all those who ALWAYS carry their epi pens.

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Unknown said...

wow, this story devastated me when i first started researching milk allergies. this kind of gives me a little relief...i don't mean that in an unsensitive way. you know what i mean. we always carry our epi.