Friday, January 30, 2009

Guardian Angel Foods

From Guardian Angel Foods (nut egg and dairy free)

Guardian Angel Foods apple crumble available at St-Hubert for a trial period!

Hello everyone!

With an allergic child, going out to restaurants is far from easy. We always have to wonder what kind of precautions are in place in the kitchen to cater to food allergies. For us, one of the only restaurant we have been going to for years, is St-Hubert. They have very detailed binders that allow us to read the ingredients and the allergens present in each food item they offer.

Unfortunately, it was never possible to complete the meal on a good note because, like in all restaurants, the desserts always contained many allergens. Since the very beginning of Guardian Angel Foods, I've always wanted our desserts to find a place on their menu. What is more normal for a child than want to finish a meal with a dessert?

My efforts weren't in vain! Here is the good news, from February 2 until March 1st, a succulent apple crumble from Guardian Angel Foods, called «Tentation aux pommes » (without peanuts, without nuts, without eggs and without dairy) will be offered in the following locations:

St-Hubert on corner of St-Denis street and Mt-Royal (on the Plateau)
St-Hubert Ville Lasalle (7979 blvd Newman)
St-Hubert Fabreville (Dagenais East, close to highway 13)
St-Hubert Magog
St-Hubert Ste-Adèle
St-Hubert Gare Windsor (Downtown Montreal)

Treat yourself and encourage chains of restaurants to offer safe desserts for people with allergies. However, don't forget to mention your food allergies to your server in the dining room: people in the kitchen also need to take precaution while serving you!

If you live in Ontario, would you tell us in what allergy-friendly restaurant you would like to find Guardian Angel Foods desserts ?

In conclusion, I will uncover the front page of a wonderful cooking book that I wrote with my partner, Jean-Sébastien Lord. It is titled «*Peut contenir des traces de bonheur» ("May contain traces of happiness" - only available in French for the moment, but we are hoping to have it translated soon!). Il is published at Éditions de l'Homme and available in bookstores starting March 3rd. Who said that food allergies makes life boring?

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