Saturday, January 31, 2009

Valentine Ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming there are more options than ever for the allergic, no matter what your allergy or taste.

Premium Chocolatiers
What: Nut and Dairy Free
Where: Online

Our Gift Tree
What: Nut free
Where: Brantford and online

Orbit Cookie
What: Nut free
Where:On-line and stores in Ontario, Canada

Tickle Your Tummy
What: Nut Free
Where: Online and Stores Ontario Canada

Fancypants Bakery
What: Nut Free
Where: Online and some US stores

For Will Foods
What: Dairy, nut, and egg free
Where: Online, some US stores

A & J Bakery
What: nut free some egg and milk free
Where: Rhode Island and online

What: Dairy, egg and nut free
Where: Online some stores

Amanda's Own
What: Dairy egg and nut free


Unknown said...

This list is getting to be huge! I wonder how Valentine's sales are here stateside. Things are bad here. Unemployment keeps increasing. Lots of stores are closing. If anyone is planning on Valentine's food purchases, let's be sure to support these specialty food stores and help them keep their doors open during these tough times!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Karen, I hadn't heard of For Will Foods! Cute cookies.

Yes, I agree with Jennifer, don't give into the big guys!