Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No Sharing Food

No sharing food rule has been in schools for a while; so many children have allergies or are on special diets. Yet one child has found away around this. When ever I pack my daughter canary melon, a certain friend asks to come over to play with my daughter, and then asks if there is any canary melon left. This is not sharing at school and her friend comes over other times so this is fine with me.

Their was another time my allergic daughter brought her dairy free mini cake to a birthday party, a younger sibling wanted her cake because it looked better than the official birthday cake.

Another time my daughter said she dreamed she was at a birthday party, that she was going to the next day. I asked if she had her own pizza and cake in the dream, she said “YES”. I then told her she couldn’t get sick from dreaming of eating the other birthday food. She gave me a very perplexed look.

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