Sunday, March 15, 2009

Milk in Your Fish Bait

Just what the milk allergic need people fishing with milk proteins, or at least fish bait made with milk proteins. I would of thought fish allergies would be a problem for people fishing, not milk allergies.

We are not into fishing, but if you are, read ingredients.

Fishingwarehouse claims it uses "top quality milk protein to produce a bait in which each individual ingredient has superb attraction properties, this is one of the best fish based mixes on the market today."

Baits on line says "Calf milk powder is an excellent soluble bait ingredient. The Baitsonline source contains a wide variety of milk proteins, milk sugars, lactose, vitamins and minerals. It also contains yogurt powder. An excellent balancer for any milk-based bait."

Most fish bait I could find online that where made with milk proteins come from the UK, that is not to say it is not happening else where.

Article: Milk Protein carp Baits; Top Dough and Bolie Recipe and Ingredients

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