Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Alisons Gourmet

From Alisons Gourmet

Spring is here! The air is warmer, the breeze is sweet, and the whole world seems to be bursting with new life. Easter is here on April 12th, and our vegan Springtime and Easter Chocolates are a fun way to celebrate.

As I have been appreciating springtime blooming all around me in the past few weeks, I have also made time to do some spring cleaning. Whether cleaning means getting rid of shoes you no longer wear or changing habits you find holding you back, clearing makes way for new opportunities and is a great way to usher in this season of growth and renewal.

Speaking of new life, Allison's Gourmet is introducing something new for all you peanut and chocolate lovers. We've added a thin layer of dark chocolate to make our crunchy and deliciously salty-sweet Organic Vegan Peanut Brittle with Chocolate one step closer to peanut heaven.

Allergy policy may contain trace of allergens.

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