Monday, April 20, 2009

Casein knitting

By Swallow Needle Mfg. Co. Casein Knitting Needles. Knitting needles made from milk protein.

What will they think of next!

Milk, corn, and soy have all been used to make yarn, someone had to make knitting needles out of milk.


Unknown said...

so if you suffer from a reaction to milk and dairy products, could sucking on the end of one of these needles (or something of the like) cause a reaction??

Karen said...

People with contact reactions, people HAVE suffered rash like reactions from allergens in yarns and fabrics.

People with severe reactions from corn HAVE suffered reactions from drinking out of containers made from corn plastic.

To my knowledge no one has suffered reactions from plastics made from milk.

I would not want to take that chance with a child who is allergic to milk, or others who may have a greater sensitivity.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the reply Karen. I will definately not take the chance then, and advise others not to either.