Saturday, April 4, 2009

Review DF Crispy Rolled Taccos

We enjoyed Meatless Chipotle Chicken Flavour Rolled Taco (Dairy Free) The package had six jumbo pieces of tacos, that heat up easily. They came out crispy on the out side while still soft on the inside. They had enough spice for me to enjoy, but they where not to spicy for the kids. The serving size was more suitable for a couple than a family, even as a side dish.

We eat meat less a couple times a week, no one missed the meat in these rolled tacos. All Starlite products are dairy free, meat free, trans fat free and completely vegan.

Their Crispy Rolled tacos include:
Chipotle Chicken
Garlic Chicken Style
Santa Fe Chicken Style

Their Soy Taquitos include:
Original Beef Style
Soy Chorizo & Black Bean
Meatless Chicken Style

Starlite Cuisine

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