Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hillside Candy

After my post on Hillside Candy here the good people at Hillside Candy sent me a care package of their Go Naturally Organic Candies that are all dairy and gluten free.

I was surprised to see how many flavours they had, when I opened my care package. Ginger, Pomegranate, Cherry, Apple, Honey and Honey Lemon.

My favorite flavours are Pomegranate and Lemon. My daughter's favorite is Honey Lemon.

The Ginger Flavour is something I would crave more when I had a sore throat or a cold. I appreciate that the ginger flavour has ginger in it, and lemon flavour has lemon oil as an ingredient.

Cherry was very good, even though I'm usually not much of a cherry flavour person, The Apple was also quite good, it did taste like a real green apple.

Go Naturally line.

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