Monday, June 22, 2009


Summer is officially here, and school for us will end this week. I am looking forward to outings, to the park local museums and trails.

I went through the board games for those rainy days, and picked up some summer reading for my self, and a few books from the thrift shop and some trips to the libary are planned. I'm stocked up on sunscreen for summer.

My rhubarb plant is far to busy, and my cherry tree is surprisingly late this year. One of our family traditions is to ride our bikes to friends houses and deliver bags of cherries, so I'm looking forward to them ripening on the tree.

We are planning a couple of camping trips, one great thing about camping is everyone brings their own food so we don't look the least bit out of the ordinary bringing all our own food. Most of our day trips evolve places where most people bring their own food.

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