Thursday, June 18, 2009

Taste of Nature

Recently we tried Taste Of Nature Granola bars My child's favorite so far is Caribbean Ginger Island. We did enjoy all three we tried Caribbean Ginger Island, Chilean Blueberry fields, and Persian Pomegranate Garden I like that all their products are dairy free. Gooey, vegan crunchy granola bars, certified organic is also an added bonus.

Taste Of Nature Granola bars have
No additives
No artificial flavours
No artificial sweeteners
No animal products
No dairy
No preservatives
No quasi natural sweeteners
No simple sugars
No Sulphur Dioxide
No cholesterol
No wheat
No gluten
Low sodium

They come in these flavours:
Argentina Peanut Plains
Brazilian nut Fiesta
California Almond Valley
Niagara Apple Country
Quebec Cranberry Carnival
Caribbean Ginger Island
Chilean Blueberry Fields
Himalayan Goji Summit
Persian Pomegranate Garden

By on line (US and Canada) or in health food stores, I'll be picking up more especially if they are on sale again!

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