Monday, June 29, 2009


On the weekend we went to a wedding of old friends of ours, for the reception we brought our allergic child her own food. I packed almost twice as many snacks as served courses, so she could pick something out, after each coarse was brought out.

We ate before we left for the reception so she wasn't overly hungry. We told the waitress that she had food allergies and that she had her own food. She didn't bring her anything, except when our daughter asked for ginger ale, then she even looked at My husband, who nodded that she could have the ginger ale. We also included a note in our RSVP that we would bring our own food for our allergic daughter.

For dessert I packed Guardian Angel Foods Chocolate & Raspberry Muffins. The muffins from Guardian Angel are now individually wrapped to prevent cross contamination. At the wedding they served the wedding cake with a strawberries and ice cream for everyone else.

I asked the waitress on the side, if she could serve my allergic daughter a few strawberries that haven't been near any ice cream or cake. She arrived later with a bowl full of beautifully cut strawberries that where masterfully presented. My daughter was pleased to get something similar to what everyone else was having.

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