Tuesday, October 6, 2009


At the Allergy Convention I went to last weekend I meet Arbonne consultant Karen Arthur for a long time I have been a fan of Arbonne's policy regarding allergies. All their products are made in a vegan facility. This is especially important for families with a history of contact reactions with dairy or egg, and those who react to trace amounts of allergens.

Arbonne’s catalogue has over 400 products that are vegan- no milk, no egg, no shellfish, no animal products and no animal testing.

Karen showed me her products, and Arbonne's allergy friendly policies, and stories of her allergic customers. Arbonne has a full disclosure of all ingredients, and go beyond in allergy awareness as a company.

All Arbonne's consultants can look up any ingredient and tell you what products contain or may contain that allergen. I especially like that they can look up unusual allergies, as not everyone is allergic to the top ten allergens.

She gave me samples of Nourishing Daily Conditioner with fresh carrot cell extracts as well as Nourishing Daily Cell extracts with fresh kiwi cells. I loved the smell of the kiwi shampoo, and the conditioner made is possible to comb out my impossibly thick curly hair.

You can reach Karen Arthur at tarthur1@sympatico.ca

Arbonne website home is www.arbonne.com

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