Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Update Faith

I got an update on Faith, thanks Faith's Mom Linda for sharring with all of us.

Michael and I learned of Faith's allergies over 7 years ago, and since have been asking the question, "Is it Faith Friendly"? This term has come to mean volumes to our family and our friends. When we ask the "Faith friendly" question it represents Milk & Egg Free products. I can't even begin to describe how little we found that lived up to the term "Faith Friendly".

Take a look in your pantry for a moment, and you will see how MANY products contain milk and eggs. Food allergies of all kinds can be fatal, and we've found over the past three years, that many sites that cater to informing the public. We have designed to help educate and connect people with allergies, to sites that may be of service. Our mission is to physically go out in public and speak to people about food allergies. We raise funds for Allergy Awareness Programs, while teaching our daughter and others that this is a battle worth fighting.

In the life of Faith Lynn Hall

Update September 2009
Faith has now totaled over 34 Anaphylactic attacks due to ingestion & cross contamination issues. Yes, she is that sensitive! Faith also suffers and anaphylactic reaction to things such as Croup or common colds. It now seems to be the way her body responds to anything challenging her airways. She has also developed asthma, as many anaphylactics do. We carry a completely stocked medical case, pulse oximiter/heart rate monitor, and nebulizer, every where we go. We have exclusive cookware and utensils for all “FAITH ONLY” cooking. Her food sensitivity is off the charts, and her personality is too! Faith is doing GREAT mentally! She loves her life, although it proves to be very challenging. Our family life has completely changed from years past, as Faith now knows her lifestyle is different. She has taken on anxiety, and is winning that battle day by day. Who knew touching a door knob could send someone into a mental breakdown. Yes, door knobs are dangerous (some people don’t wash there hands AFTER they eat). Growing into her own self, she has become very proud of who she is, and how she lives…but the fact that her life is faced with constant coordination can be frustrating for her at 8.

October 2009

Faith is home schooled due to her health and challenged immune system. She does coordinate with the local grade school, and we visit once in awhile. Unfortunately, when we do, Faith almost always gets sick. This time was no different, we had to go into the Dr. again today. Her lungs are battling another cold and she is fighting hard. As most of you know, being exposed to a virus can cause Faithy to get croup. In Faith, that minor throat inflammation causes major swelling and loss of oxygen. She is now home recovering, reading books, and writing stories. As always, she has Harley, & bunny by her side, and they are all resting nicely. As she faces more in life, her personality gets more comical, she can make you laugh like no 8 yr old you’ve ever met! The other day I began to caough, she very nicely put her hand on my back while leaning around my side and said, “Lets not go and bust a lung on me Mommy” That sheer comedy is what keeps this entire house smiling.

Preparation…Halloween 2009

It is Halloween Time, FAITH LOVESSSSSSSSSSSSSS HALLOWEEN! Cracks all the family up, that the child with food allergies, loves the holiday where people give you food! Ironic!

Here is our check list:
Buy Faith Friendly candy
Talk to neighbors
Purchase gloves

We begin by going to store to locate Faith Friendly candy to hand out. We also make Faith and emergency back-up bag. We do this just in case the kids get nothing but chocolate. I bake some Faith Friendly cupcakes, and make them look like spiders. We make lots of goodies at home, and begin to decorate the house. Faith always seems to pick a costume with gloves, this way anything she touches has a barrier. Smart girl! This year she is going to be a pirate. Not a scary Pirate, an ADORABLE PIRATE. We talk to all the neighbors about Faith, and explain her health. Miss Opal, down the street, always gives Faith Fruit! Faith loves that. Lots of our friends make special bags JUST FOR FAITHY.

On Halloween night, our entire family takes the kids out, door to door. They cover the entire block down both sides, then we come back to base camp (Grandmas House). The kids all sit in a circle and dump the loot they have acquired. We go through all the candy, piece by piece. The cousins all give Faith the candy that is safe for her, in turn, Faith gives them all the candy THAT IS NOT. It has become a BIG tradition for the kids, and quite honestly, is something they look forward to. They call it the trade game! It always amazes me how protective children can be of each other. The cousins always make sure Faith gets as much as them, and if not…they give the extra they received away so it is all equal. Faith just loves Halloween. This year, we actually have two other families that want to be a part of our Halloween way. Let the tradition of giving, sharing, and caring continue!
Another comical situation with Faith this year, went a little like this…”

Hey Faithy, do you like this costume on mommy?”, I said. Faith responds, “Mommy take that off before you loose all your dignity” The entire store burst into laughter, I guess I don’t look very good as a Candy Corn. She was right, I felt ridiculous!

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