Thursday, October 8, 2009

Itchy Kids Club

I recieved the following Press relesse, and thought I would share.

Allergies the Focus of Lighthearted New Children's Book

Author's Quest to Spread the Word About Allergies and How Children Are Affected by Them Finds a Growing Audience Among Young Readers.

The Itchy Kid's Club may seem an unlikely title for a book, but it includes many right elements for a caring mother of two young daughters prone to the allergy related symptoms she so frequently experienced as a young girl.

And for author Jill Grabowski, tackling the subject of living with serious allergies and skin ailments -- in an entertaining manner that inspires and offers fresh insights -- was the prime motivation for writing. But the author's sheer joy in creating something fun for children to read also manifests itself quite clearly on each page.

Reactions to the book from young readers, parents and others indicate her success.

"A unique, fun, humorous collection of prose that deals with a subject that isn’t always fun and humorous. Recommended for anyone who’s ever lived with allergies, had a child or family member who suffers from them -- or anyone who simply wishes to learn more," one reviewer writes. Another reader is grateful that the colorful book helps her allergy prone son "make sense of his everyday life," while still another applauds bringing "smiles and a new world of information to those who may otherwise be so distraught about their child and his/her allergies."

Author Grabowski is indeed gratified that whimsical musings on sometimes trying medical conditions can help bring solace to young allergy, asthma, and eczema sufferers and their parents. "My motivation to write has everything to do with the fact that, as a girl, my own food and environmental allergies and subsequent eczema made me feel at times excluded both from youthful interaction and even friendships," relates Grabowski. "Can being more knowledgeable about the origins of our allergies and the universe of fellow allergy sufferers be a comfort to kids and parents? I definitely think so."

Sales of the initial printing of Grabowski's book are going so well on both her own website ( and through commercial book sellers such as that thoughts of a second printing are already being happily contemplated. Part of the proceeds from each sale go to further allergy research.

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