Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ontario Dairy Free Pizzas

Restaurants in Ontario, Canada that serve gluten and dairy free pizzas:

Il Fornello has gluten free and dairy free pastas and cheeses, with dairy free soy cheese. They have two locations one in Toronto, the other in Oakville Ontario. We have been to the Oakville Location, the staff where knowledgeable about food allergies. Price rating $$$ (most expensive)

Magic Oven has gluten free pizzas with soy based dairy free cheeses as well as other dairy free offerings like vegan chocolate cake. The staff was knowledgeable about food allergies. There are locations across Toronto, Ontario. The price rating $$.

Niagara Spice of Life has gluten and dairy free pizzas and other allergy friendly food. Spice of Life is located in St. Catharine’s Ontario, only twenty minutes from the Canadian Niagara Falls. Price rating $$

Valentino’s Organic Pizza has dairy free pizzas made with dairy free cheeses as well as gluten free pizzas. They are very allergy aware separating their dairy and non dairy equipment. The only down side is they only have a couple of dinning chairs. But you can order take out, or take your pizza to a nearby park. Price rating $ (least expensive)

We have enjoyed all these places with our dairy allergic daughter.

Allergy Safer Restaurants

Update from Spice of Life: We are taking a retirement from the restaurant industry. We do not know when we'll "come out of retirement", but we do expect to be back soon. In the meantime, we are continuing our cooking classes and our catering services.

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Great! I will have to make sure we have all of these up!