Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cherrybrook in Canada

Cherrybrook Kitchen products are usually hard to find in Canada. I found some at Marilu's Market in Burlington, Ontario. Marilu's Market is an interesting store in that they carry foods that I often don't see any where else. I usually spend more than I want to, at Marilu's, but I always come home with something new and interesting.

I was surprised to find Cherrybrook, and bought it mostly out of curiosity. We made a cake over the weekend, a rare treat in our house. The mix was easy to make, and the cake was good, what I really like is the clear allergy labelling with Cherrybrook (dairy, nut and egg free and many gluten free products as well)

Normally you have to order Cherrybrook from an allergy friendly on line store, in Canada.


FPIESmommy said...

Thanks! I will definately check that out! We like Cherrybrook at our house.

Realtor from Toronto said...

I have to agree that it's not easy to find Cherrybrook Kitchen products in Canada. However, situation in Toronto has improved little bit recently. There are few stores that offer some allergy friendly products. Mainly gluten-free products are available but the prices are quite high.

Take care,

Cherrybrook Kitchen said...

Thanks for the mention on Twitter and your blog! Our products are also available in Canada through Gourmet Trading. Orders can be placed over the phone at 888-482-3278 or via email at