Monday, June 14, 2010

Contacting Manufacturers

We allergic consumers, spend a great deal of time, contacting manufacturers by phone or e-mail. What method do you prefer?

The hours of e-mail are better, in that they really don't care if you send an e-mail question three O'clock in the afternoon, or three O'clock at night. Some allergic people prefer being able to read the tone of the customer service person's voice. With e-mail, if an e-mail answer does not sound right we can always send another question via another e-mail, if get another answer, flags go up in our heads.

I like that more companies are putting allergen information on their websites, however often we have more questions, and do not like being short answered. Allergic consumers are very knowledgeable about our allergens, and appreciate knowledgeable answers. We get VERY frustrated if we are told that they only give out allergen information to health care professionals. Manufactures be aware we allergic consumers talk, blog, Facebook and Tweet about allergies, and manufactures who do not provide us with the answers we NEED!

Lately I have been hearing of people being asked for doctors notes, before manufactures will give out allergen information. I had this experience a couple of years ago, it is coming back as a mini trend.

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