Monday, December 18, 2017

EpiPens in Mexico

Buying EpiPens in Mexico is near impossible, they are too expensive for Mexicans to buy. So the typically Mexican purchase vials of epinephrine. Both in Canada and United States Paramedics and sometimes Firefighters use traditional syringe and a vial of epinephrine. These people have medical training and have the skills to use syringes. the average citizen is much more able and usually willing to use an EpiPen. An Epipen also is faster, and when seconds count, a traditional syringe and a vial of epinephrine, can take to much time..

When the Price of EpiPens exploded in United States some people made a trip to Canada and purchased the very same EpiPen(s) for about $100 CAN each. Some people even went to Mexico to buy pre-loaded syringes of epinephrine. Many more Americans arranged with some difficulty to get pre-loaded syringes of epinephrine from American Pharmacists.

EpiPen alternative costs pennies in Mexico
EpiPen Alternative Costs Pennies in Mexico
Cheaper "do-it-yourself" alternative to EpiPen may be risky

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