Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cross Contamination

Have you ever gotten into arguments with grocery store staff, I have.

At one store, I explained to the person in the meat counter that I have a milk allergic daughter, and that I have been enjoying Lilydales meat products with their new "No milk ingredients" on what appears to be all their packaging. I then asked if they had any more Lilydale products other that the ones I was pointing to.

She proudly took me to the deli with the meat butcher, who could slice me Lilydale meat. We had a conversation about cross contamination, she thought that cross contamination only applied to nuts, then tried to convince me that they had a lot of lactose free milks. Needless to say I was not impressed, an had an educational discussion with her.

The next time I was at the same store, their was a sign for gluten free meat, that was also lactose free (no info if it was dairy free) next to a butcher that was willing to cross contaminate it with his slicer! Apparently some people never learn.

Past post on Lilydale here.

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