Sunday, June 27, 2010

From Health Canada

Consultation - Proposed Policy Intent for Revising Canada's Gluten-free Labelling requirements

Health Health Canada intends to modernize Canada's current gluten-free labelling policy in order to minimize the risk of inadvertent consumption of gluten by sensitive individuals and to maximize the choice of gluten- free foods for consumers following a gluten-free diet. The proposed policy intent document provides background information and outlines the considerations that have led to the development of the proposed principles that will frame Health Canada's review of the gluten-free labelling policy.

The purpose of this consultation is to inform stakeholders of the proposed principles that will guide Health Canada's review of Canada's gluten-free labelling policy and to seek stakeholder feedback on the proposed principles.

The input from this consultation will be used to inform the modernization of Canada's gluten-free labelling policy.

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