Thursday, June 3, 2010

News From Bluestocking

Blue Stocking
A vegan chocolate company!
Newest project:
Chocolates of the Month!

As a fun challenge for us and a treat for you, starting in June 2010 (right now!), we will be releasing a brand new chocolate every month! Caramels, creams, fruity bonbons (keep reading!), fancy filled chocolates, special rare truffles, candies—all manner of new exciting sweets are soon to come your way. All are organic, fair trade, handcrafted and 100% vegan, of course (yeah!).

Of course, this means that we're starting a Chocolate of the Month club, too, for those of you who like saving money while guaranteeing that lovely chocolates arrive on your doorstep every month. Check out all the details here.

The June 2010 chocolate is a real beauty: Strawberry-Almond Creams. Glorious rich almond cream with bright, beautiful, local organic strawberries folded in, encased in a thin bittersweet chocolate shell. These are literally farm fresh.

And!!! (this is all so exciting I can't even use full sentences) To continue the farm theme, we’re offering you the option to buy these in my pal Maresa’s gorgeous handmade porcelain containers that look just like the cute cardboard containers you see summer fruit in at farmer’s markets. Hers last longer and are incredibly beautiful.

Of course, you can still get all the Bluestocking Bonbons and beautiful truffles you'd ever need in addition to the special Chocolates of the Month.


Happy nibbling,


PS: Don't forget to add an ice pack to your order during these summery months!

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