Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Remember to enter our Allergy Tales Giveaway you could win the newest Allergy Tales Book, Making Friends. Allergy Books are great to share with your child, or your child's classmates at school, September is coming like it or not.

I have been sharing on my Karen Avoiding Milk Facebook Page about unusual uses of allergens. Of particular interest was Casein Applications who knew casein (a milk protein) would be used to make safety matches.

I have also shared a number of Strange But True blog posts over time, from milk in clothes, to peanut fuel, but thought I would refresh mine, and others about the strange places milk and other allergens can hide on my Facebook Page.

On my history page I have more unusual uses of allergens and where they came from.

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Allergy Mom said...

I read children's allergy books to my little girl and I always remind her of her allergies especially when we are out and around food. She's only 3 but she understands the word "allergic" now and knows what she is allergic to.