Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lucy's at Allergy Apparel

Allergy Apperel has new products, THeresa goes on to tell us:

I am now carrying Dr Lucy's allergy-friendly cookies. In my hunt for an allergy-friendly snack to carry at, I chose Dr Lucy's. I chose Dr Lucy's for several reasons but the main reasons are
(1) I take pride in offering MOM made products and Dr Lucy is not only a M.D. but also a mother of a child with severe food allergies.

(2) Dr Lucy's are made in their own controlled bakery

(3) They are careful in selecting their ingredients. The cookies do NOT contain peanuts, tree nuts, milk, and are certified both gluten free and vegan.

(4) and last but not least, they are yummy and my kids love them.

Allergy Apparel has also added his and hers Be Mine Valentine Bundles. The bundles include an epipen pouch, food allergy alert bracelet kit, and a box of Dr Lucy's cookies.


Grace said...

The Dr Lucy's cinnamon thin is one of the best cookies I've ever had (and I have no allergies and can eat any kind of cookie). these are GOOD!

Anonymous said...

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