Thursday, February 10, 2011

Allergen Labelling

What would clear allergen labelling mean.

I remember reading a package of Trident gum bought in Canada (when we first went dairy free) it did say that in contained recaldent, but did not say that recaldent was an ingredient made from milk.

See Trident's USA FAQ and CAN FAQ pages. At that time Trident's web and packaging gave no information that the product contained milk.

What about caramel, and caramel colouring, could be made from milk, but may not be made from milk. What did the milk allergic have to do, they phoned the company and ask what the colouring was made from. What did the company using caramel colouring have to do, nothing, they did not even have to say what the ingredient was made from.

"Natural flavourings" is a frightful term for people with many allergens, natural flavourings could have milk, gluten, or corn it it, often with more than one allergen. Companies don't even have to tell people with allergies what they make their "natural flavourings" from.

What does precationary labeling mean to people with milk allergies? ZenSoy pudding says "dairy free" puddings and "certified vegan" but the products are made on the same lines with milk products, currently they don't need to say anything about this on the packaging. So Zen Soy can say "dairy free" with out saying made on the same line as milk or made on the same equipment as milk. Years ago I wrote a e-mail to Zen Soy, they did admitt to their products being made on the same line as milk, then much later added that to their website here, but their package gives no precationary information.

Chapmans Ice cream is indeed made in peanut and tree nut free plants, but their "lactose free" ice cream is made on the same production lines as milk. Champans has no warnings about being made on the same equipment as milk.

Although many are blaming the beer industry for fighting clear labelling, and their wanting not to put lactose and gluten on beer, I really think their are more companies fighting this legislation. I gave the above examples as these companies are the first ones I found early on when my child's fist began being dairy free.

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