Friday, May 20, 2011

Allergens in the Garden

Many animal/ bird feeders contain peanuts and other nuts. The picture to the right, is one of the more unusual bird products containing peanuts, made by C & S Products Company.

Coco Mulch is made from organic coconut husks, although most nut allergic people can tolerate coconuts, people with coconut allergies may want to avoid this product.
If your allergic to nuts or corn you may want to avoid garden pots made from nuts

I was surprised to see peanut seeds at the gardening store, for Canadian climates, as peanuts only naturally grow in warmer climates.

While looking at gardening supplies, I saw lots of things that looked like they contained corn, even gluten corn meal. These Crit'r Cobs however was the most unusual corny item I saw.

I saw a package of Bobbex Deer Repellent the package said "Do not apply if allergic to eggs, soy or fish". Deer repellent is used on flowers, and vegetable gardens, that people do not wish deer to eat or destroy.

There is an article here that also names milk as an ingredient in repelling deer. A number of products I saw last year for repelling deer contained fish. Here is a gopher repellent that contains peanut hulls, casein and fish oil.

Most of the repellents I saw at the gardening centre did not name the ingredients, as labelling laws do not apply. The products are not ment to be eatten, so they do not legally require the listing of ingredients. Because of contact reactions, as well as inhalling many products can cause reactions, this can be problomatic for people with allergies.

Several bloggers and nut allergy websites reported that many Miracle Grow products contain nuts such as here

Several fertilizers contain casein (milk protein) of interest Vegano a vegan Welcome Harvest product. Welcome Harvest also makes products from fish.

Eco Smart Insect Killer contains peanut shells, thanks Elizabeth for warning us about this product.

Peanut Grass according to this article peanut grass is more closely related to grass than peanuts, I'm not sure how much of a concern for peanut allergic, peanut grass is.

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