Friday, July 15, 2011

Filtering Water With Nuts

Cleaning water with nut shells.

Walnut Shell Filter HYDROFLOW™ is a nut shell filtration systems product, that cleans water using walnuts.

Peanut Shells Can Clean Water is a story from India the peanut shella that are used for cleaning waste water.

Banana Peels Tested Way to Clean Water News story in US, testing nut shells and bananas to clean water.

Corn Waste Article talks about using corn as a way to clean water.

It is unknown how much nut protein is left in the water after these products are done cleaning the water. Using allergens in industrial products can be dangerous, I would think nut allergic individuals should not be working on, or with these projects. Should nut allergic adults, ask if their job requires them to work with nut shells?

Churmergy is the study of chemistry using crops and crop by products in industrial products. Churmurgy is used to make fire logs from peanut shells, make plastic out of corn or sweaters from milk. More products made from nuts.

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