Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jude the Dude, Halloween

An allergy educational video, Jude the Dude has a Halloween Party.

Creating Jude the Dude has been one of the most positive experiences of my life. I am blown away by the positive feedback and "thank you's" I have received from creating a peanut allergy role model. So, I am starting to write more Jude the Dude books to portray a peanut allergy child coping through various stages and events of life (Chrismas/Birthdays/Halloween/First School Days), etc.

In these books, Jude will also learn about other food allergies as other characters with various food allergies will be introduced. This will open the Jude the Dude character to children facing other/multiple food allergies. In the Halloween Book, I introduce a new character, Henry, who has multiple food allergies. Henry is allergic to peanuts (like Jude) but he also allergic to cheese and milk products.

The Halloween book, in which Jude the Dude throws a Halloween party, emphasizes general safety: carrying your Epi-Pen at all times, reading labels, not eating store bought baked goods, and having others wash their hands if they touch something a food allergy child is allergic to. It also shows Jude telling the store baker that he cannot their products (showing the confidence Jude has to tell others about his allergy). But, it also sends a positive message on the value of great friends working together to keep each other safe.

My interview with Bridget Batson author of Jude the Dude.

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