Monday, March 12, 2012

Strange But True

Here at Avoiding Milk Protein we have covered a fair number of household and industrial products made from allergens under "Strange But True" posts.

I am now posting these posts under my new blog Chemurgy and Allergens. Some of my posts on my chemurgy blog include toys made from nuts, first aid supplies made from shrimp, clothes made from bananas and more.

Chemurgy is a branch chemistry that makes industrial products made from agricultural waste and raw materials.

I also cover chemurgy on my Avoiding Milk pages, and am often adding more products

Products made from:

Gluten and wheat

Fish and seafood





Everyone has different sensitivities to allergens, not all the industrial and household products may pose a threat to you, or your family. Most of these products are very dangerous for most people with allergies, especially those with a history of contact reactions. The most dangerous are the ones not labled.

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