Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Introducing Nuts

You have done your research when to introduce nuts, you probably decided to wait until past babyhood, most likely into childhood to introduce this allergen.

This is a complex issue with conflicting studies when to introduce peanuts and tree nuts with your child. This issue can be more emotional, and complex when an immediate family member such as a sibling has a nut allergy.

Most likely you have read conflicting information if allergic siblings first contact with an allergen should be done as a challange test by an allergist, or even if allergy tests should be done before introducing nuts to allergic siblings. False positive tests can create unnessisary worry for families, most families want allergic siblings safe, with past reactions of an older sibling in mind.

If you have a baby or young child with a nut allergy you may feel overwhelmed by products for babies and young children that contain nuts that have nothing to do with eating.

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Breastfeeding Nipple Creams With Nut Oils
Birthing Items Made From Nuts
Stretch Mark Products Made From Nuts
Cradle Cap Products With Nut Oils
Stuffed Toys Made With Nuts
Wooden Toys Treated With Nut Oils

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