Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Shaking Hands, and Washing Hands

Years ago I was at service, before the end of the service the Minister said that she just got over a cold and would not be shaking hands after the service. After service she kept her hands tucked away as she greeted people, sometimes greating people with a nod of the head. I was impressed with this act, and it stuck with me, as an act of kindness.

I usually avoid being out and about at the peek of an illness, I have however copied the act, expressing that I'm getting over a cold and don't wish to share my germs, then gave a small nod, of respect to my greater.

I have also declined a hand shake, to someone I meet almong my sidewalk expressing that I have been gardening, and my hands are dirty. I always wash my hands after eatting especially in public. Expressing that a person just finished eating, and have not washed should be socially acceptable, reason to decline a hand shake.

Recently I was talking to a school administrator, he offered his hand as he greeted me, I politely explained I was getting over a messy cold and did not want to share it, he paused for a moment then thanked me. As we discussed a small issue, it quickly became apparent his cold was as bad as mine if not worse, and he was willing to share with me, via hand shake. In his defence he took a steep back when he coughed, and coughed in his arm not his sleeve, or hand.

What does this have to do with allergies? Being aware of what might be on your hands (allergens or germs) is important. Not shaking hands while sick, or have eatten and not yet washed is just basic hygiene. Image Credit For Handwashing Sign More Free Allergy Posters here.

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