Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Teal Pumpkin Project

We have ALWAYS offered non food items for Trick or Treaters. Even as a child my Father bought a 100 pack of Halloween Pencils, that lasted us years of visitors. Party Packagers offers a large section of non food items, Skeleton sun glasses, sheets of stickers and more many more items. I'll also offer candy in a seperate bowl.

For our Teal pumpkin, my local dollar store was out of teal paint, so I'll mix my blue, green and a little white paint together,to get teal paint for my paper pumpkin.

Allergy Safe Candy

Allergy Concerns With #TealPumkinProject

Paint Made From Nuts
Paint Made From Milk
Paint Made From Eggs

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Diane said...

We have always(years and years) offered both a basket of toys and separately a basket of candy. One of our daughters has always had food issues and the other has not. To our surprise, most of the children(even the bigger ones) just prefer the toys when given the choice. We always have leftover candy and no leftover toys.

Very glad for the teal pumpkin - So many children have health issues well beyond allergies that prevent them from being able to eat candy, it is a simple and affordable thing to include them and make their day as well as their parents.