Friday, May 1, 2009

Twitter Party

Ruth Smith of Best Allergy Sites, and Jennifer B of Food Allergy Buzz are collaborating to host the Food Allergy Twitter Party on Friday, May 15. The party will take place on Friday May 15 at 12pm eastern time and 10:30pm eastern time (9am pacific time and 7:30pm pacific time).

To follow or participate in the party at 12 pm eastern or 10:30 pm eastern on May 15, visit, or another Twitter real-time dashboard of your choosing, and type in #foodallergy. This will take you to the party where you will see the streaming conversation. During the two party times, you can ask questions of the panelists or make comments on anything food allergy-related.

I (Karen of Avoiding Milk Protein) am one of the panelists on the 10:30 pm eastern or 7:30 pacific time party.


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Unknown said...

Karen, thanks for being a panelist and for helping spread the word about the Food Allergy Twitter Party on May 15. It should be a fun time!

Ruth Smith said...

Thanks Karen! We're happy to have you as a panel member. Looking forward to it!