Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sunflower Milks

Milk alternative drinks made from Sunflowers sounds like a good option for many allergic people, and families. When I contacted two companies that make these products they both gave me less than "free from" details about their products. Both companies had different potential cross contamination issues, with common allergens, but this information was not listed on their websites.

Suntopta did say "All of our product packages contain precautionary allergen labeling."

Sunsational and SunOpta both make alternative milks from sunflower seeds. Both companies disclosed, risks of cross contamination, once I contacted the companies along with NOTICE OF CONFIDENTIALITY, meaning they did not want me to share the details they sent to me after I e-mailed them. If you plan to use these products, e-mail them with your concerns and your allergens.

Elizabeth did a Rice Dream Soy Oat Gluten Alert post for cross contamination risks, with many milk alternatives, including Rice Dream.

List of Milk Alternatives

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