Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Introducing New Foods

I picked up this advise while taking a First Aid Course many years ago:
Do not offer new foods to a child during bad weather, due to increase in time to get to a hospital during a possible allergic reaction. I would also add if you live far from a hospital, and you have allergies in the family introducing new foods at a friends or family member's house who live closer to a hospital, may be a good idea, depending on allergy history.

Kyle Dine brought up a good point on his blog post Have Baby, Will Travel – Going on Tour with an Infant. Introducing foods – We knew that we were entering the stage of solid food introduction and made a game plan of introducing only fruits and veggies while living on the road. Introducing common allergens would wait until we got home.

It is spring again make sure emergency personal can see your house number by trimming bushes.

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