Friday, June 23, 2017

Cost of Epipens in New Zealand

An EpiPen costs about NZ $120.00 (As of June 23, 2017 NZ$120.00 = 87.39 US Dollars or 116.01 Canadian Dollars)

The cost of many medicines and medical devices are covered in New Zealand through their public health system. Pharmaceutical Management Agency (PHARMAC) funds access to pharmaceuticals for New Zealanders. The drugs that are approved are available with a prescription for a NZ$5 charge (for children under 13 they are free). Medicines that aren’t fully subsidized will cost more, due to the rules around tendering. In New Zealand when no competition exists often the drug is not covered by the New Zealand government.

Tendering is a process in which government, as payer, negotiates the lowest price for a pharmaceutical. PHARMAC asks pharmaceutical suppliers to provide pricing proposals for off-patent medicines listed on the Pharmaceutical Schedule.

In New Zealand, the EpiPens are not funded by Pharmaceutical Management Agency (PHARMAC) so cost people between $NZ120 and $NZ200 per pen per year. Allergy New Zealand CEO Mark Dixon said local allergy sufferers had been watching developments in the US with concern.

In the United States many Americans go to Canada to buy Epipens for $120- $130.

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