Wednesday, September 29, 2010

President's Choice

I have mixed feelings about President's Choice products from an allergy perspective.

If you call their customer service, and read them the last six numbers on the bar code they will tell you if a product contains an allergen, made on same line as an allergen or that the product is made in a free from factory floor.

Once I called them with a new product and the allergy information was not yet in the computer. Another time I called, and was surprised to learn that their rice milk was made on the same line as cows milk, I don't know if it still is.

I was told that a product that is made in a free from dairy factory in one area of Canada may be made on a line with dairy in another area, this is why they want customers to call with the bar code to find out if a product is safe.

For a few years President's Choice has made products with a nut free symbol on the packaging, and a made in a nut free facility allergy information on select products. They usually release new nut free stuff in late August, in time for back to school.

President's Choice added to their search engine the following:
Nut Free List

Thanks reader: If you use their search engine for "dairy free" it searches for things that are dairy free, as well as things that are free (as in fat free), not helpful at all, for the allergic community! Why have a nut free search and not a dairy free search?

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wenat said...

I got excited about their huge dairy-free list, and then when I started reading it, I was so disappointed. It's got yogurt listed as dairy free (first ingredient, skim milk), and arrowroot cookies (includes whey). And let's not talk about the PC Blue Menu Light Ice Cream which is "Made with fresh dairy cream". Eeeeek!